Thursday, March 11, 2010

Webster Apartments - for girls only


Built in 1920s by the Webster family (owner of the dictionary and of Macy's) with the goal to provide unmarried women with the opportunity to work in the city, the Webster Apartments still host girls and women who come to NY to work. It is not a hotel, you have to show proof of employment, stay for at least a month and no men are allowed above the 1st floor. With a steady 375 guests, there are rarely empty rooms in the 16th floors building, Webster Apartments seems a ghosts from the past in 21st century Manhattan as well as a little anachronistic venue, while providing with safety and a family like atmosphere for girls that come alone to the city. And, according to the founder's wishes, the building has preserved the atmosphere, as well as furniture and decoration, from the time it was opened.

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